Before burnout or breakdown, take time and take stock. Coaching is your secret weapon, enabling greater effectiveness so teams, leaders and individuals are able to work smarter, not harder. It’s good for the executive and the business’ bottom line.

executive life coaching

Mental wellbeing is an essential corporate tool. Executive Life Coaching creates an environment that effects great change for business owners, leaders and executives. Cara enables busy professionals to think deeper, create powerful insights and come out with clarity and vision.

Hit the pause button not the panic button and:

  • Make clear-headed, robust decisions
  • Manage and resolve conflicts
  • Build strong business relationships
  • Remove limiting barriers to success
  • Effect smarter time management
  • Be a high performer, without the burnout
  • Refocus and re-energise
  • Learn the ‘Balance to Win’ for work/home
Executive Life Coaching Programmes

All programmes include email and text support between sessions.

Executive Coaching: for Leaders, Heads and senior executives. Recommended if you are looking for a safe space and trusted professional to talk through concerns and find solutions so you can be successful in your role.

6-session programme £3,000, Not For Profit rate £2,250

C-Suite Coaching: Bespoke programmes available to fit in with your schedule. P.O.A

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