Do you feel stressed by what Everyday Life demands of you?

Do you struggle to keep all your plates spinning?

Are your stressed by what life demands of you?

I know I struggled, but I am much better at it now. I always wanted to help others, not to let people down and to get what ever I did right. So I would take on too much, fear saying “no”, take too long perfecting things. Do you know what I mean? And then you find yourself in a situation with too much to do, feeling panicked and overwhelmed, and then it’s even harder to be productive. In fact I’d make things worse for my self, finding it hard to start a task if it seemed too big (the proverbial ‘rabbit in the headlights’) or flit like a butterfly from task to task without really completing or achieving anything.

Over the years I’ve learnt that to keep all your plates spinning, you have to look after yourself, and think about both what you do and how you think about things. I’ve put together a guide about what works for me; I hope they work for you too.

You can discover ’10 Ways You Can Cope With The Stresses Of Everyday Life Better’ by downloading my FREE guide.

It will show you how to:

1.   Look after yourself

2.   Take regular breaks and change what you’re doing

3.   Let go of what you can’t control

4.   Practise mindfulness

5.   Stop feeling guilty

6.   Stop ruminating over things that go wrong

7.   Be aware of Radiators and Drains

8.   Stop worrying, it might not happen

9.   Be your own Best Friend

10. Stop. Breathe. Smile

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