The Coaching Journey – how coaching takes you from Confusion to Clarity

Sainte-Foy to the Dordogne

Coaching is just like a coach (as in a coach the vehicle) because it takes you from where you are now to where you want to be – it takes you from the present to reach your goals in the future. But just how exactly does coaching do this?

I have come up with a novel way of describing the coaching journey and what makes for a great coaching relationship. First though, my very alternative description of the coaching process needs a bit of background context.

This summer I went with my husband on a whistle stop motorbike tour round France, covering 2000 miles in a week, dropping into see friends who were dotted across the country. It was crazy and lots of fun and you do get to see a lot, but strange things start happening when you travel on a motorway as a pillion for mile after mile after mile! On one particularly long day we rode due west from a mountain village in the Alps to a picturesque house in the Dordogne, a monster 400 miles. I must admit that I did become a bit trance-like and got locked into thinking about my clients’ coaching experience and my style of coaching in terms of the letter ‘C’. A colleague has aptly described my experience as ‘meditation in motion’. Here goes:

Coaching with Cara, from Confusion to Clarity:

  •  Client
  • Coach
  • Cares
  • Calm
  • Champion
  • Comfortable
  • Companionship
  • Camaraderie
  • Collaborate
  • Conversation
  • Confidential
  • Clearing
  • Cathartic
  • Current reality
  • Confusion
  • Chaos
  • Capture what’s Critical
  • Connections
  • Create awareness
  • Clarity
  • Choices
  • Contemplate
  • Consequences
  • Challenge
  • Comfort zone
  • Courage
  • Capability
  • Can do
  • (in) Control
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Change
  • Completion
  • Chuffed
  • Content
  • Congratulate
  • Celebrate
  • Conclusion
  • Continuation

On reflection maybe the time I spent musing on the back of a motorcycle wasn’t so much mindless as mindful!


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