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I am a Mathematician at heart – numbers and formulas excite me. I know, it’s sad isn’t it, but they soothe my brain as I make sense of something that’s intangible and craft it into something understandable, neat and precise. Here are 3 formulas that work for me:

1. The renowned Success Coach Jack Canfield has distilled how to achieve success into the following simple formula:

E + R = O

E is an event that happens
R is your response and 
O is the outcome

 The point of it is that you can influence what happens to you (the Outcome) by choosing how you respond to a situation (the Event), be it something someone has said to you or asked of you. Rather than letting life ‘happen’ to you, take control and think about your response and get the outcome you want.

Between an Event and your Response there is a moment of choice, so pause, take time to consider, and say or do the thing that creates what you want to have happen.

There is a parallel to this in Neuro Linguistic Programming. One of the basic suppositions of NLP is that the point of any communication is the response that you get, so if you don’t get the outcome you wanted, chances are you didn’t say what you really meant.

Another angle is that “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, then you will keep getting what you’ve always got”. So next time a repeating situation (Event) happens, choose to Respond differently and you will get a better Outcome, one that you want.

Start taking responsibility for what you say and do and achieve the future you want.

2. The Leadership Coach, Steve Rush ( has developed a formula to explain Authenticity, a quality that all great Leaders have. It’s:

(s + d) x B = A

If you Say and Do you what actually Believe in you are Authentic

And trying to be anything other than the authentic you is not a good idea – not only will you feel a fraud, and yes people will see right though you and not trust you nor have confidence in you, but it’s also exhausting to live a life which is a lie or not aligned to your values.

3. My last formula for success is:

Potential minus Interference = Performance.

Think about this for a moment. Whether the Interference is negative self-talk, limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging behaviours, if you remove the Interference you will Perform better. Coaching is a really good way of tackling the Interference so that you reach your Potential.


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