Glad to be Alive?

Katie Diver frost pic

This post is by guest blogger Katie Driver of  The Thinking Alliance and is about finding joyful moments in every day.

I took this photo over the Christmas break, having slipped out for an early morning run round Richmond Park near London. To some, the prospect of getting up before dawn and going out in the freezing cold for a 10 mile run sounds like sheer madness. For me, the experience was euphoric: time to myself, feeling the cold air on my face, hearing my feet crunch along the frosty path and, all around me, the most fantastic golden morning light. I truly felt glad to be alive! I was smiling both inwardly and outwardly, and coasted through an extra mile as I was enjoying myself so much.

It occurred to me when I got back home that if we’re not careful, we can find ourselves trudging through the day in a rather joyless fashion. We plough through emails, calls, meetings, domestic chores (even the word sounds off-putting) and when we step outside it’s to rush to the tube or grab a coffee whilst still checking the phone and updating our status. On days like these, are we really glad to be alive? And what impact does that have on our creativity, our relationships and our resilience?

From now on, I aim to have a ‘glad to be alive’ moment every day that I’m alive. It doesn’t have to involve freezing cold runs – I’ve found that a hug from a child or partner when you are truly present in that moment, or the satisfaction of achieving a meaningful task can bring it too. The trick seems to be to find moments of real connection between yourself, your values and the people and world around you.

What connection will you make today, so that you feel glad to be alive?

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