You can create time!



“What?” I hear you say, “time is finite, once it’s gone it’s lost, you cannot create time”, and yes, you’re right, but I can show you how to use your time so effectively and achieve more in an hour than you think possible that you will feel as if you’ve created more time. Result: do what you ‘have to do’ in less time, leaving more time to do what you ‘want to do’.

I’m running a workshop on how best to manage your time and ensure that you actually get the tasks you want to do DONE. Packed with ideas and strategies that work, you will leave this workshop knowing how to maximise what you get done in your precious available time.

You will find out:

  • How to beat procrastination and get those ‘hard to get going on’ jobs started and completed.
  • How to minimise distractions including an email strategy that will transform your life
  • How to prioritise the most important thing on your ‘to do’ list
  • How to improve your focus and motivation
  • How not to confuse busy-ness with effectiveness
  • How to say “no”
  • And I’ll also prove to you that unfortunately multitasking doesn’t work and show you how to do things more efficiently.

This is a hands on workshop from which you will take away new ideas that really work and that will make you feel as if you have created extra time in you day!

Feel less stressed, less panicked, less overwhelmed and less frustrated.
Feel more relaxed, more in control, on top of things, more satisfied.

I shall be running the workshop myself and have so many ideas to share with you. It’s not training (yawn, yawn), but a fun, hands on session and you will go away brimming with personalised actions that will make an immediate difference to you. In the words of previous attendees “Cara has some great techniques to help you organise your life if you feel overwhelmed” and “Cara’s style is calm and straight to the point”.

Special Early Booking discounted price of £30 per person (usual price £40). Date Tuesday 22nd July, 10-12.30 in Chichester. Free parking and coffee and brownies included. Only 6 places available so email me to confirm yours now, [email protected] or text me 07764 276925.

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