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Testimonials for Cara Moore, Life and Executive Coach

My Testimonials show how my Life Coaching give my clients the tools to deal with anything life throws at them. Get in touch with me today and learn how I can help you to have a positive outlook on life.

Thank you oodles for a great session today. I learnt, as always, new ways of looking at things, jotted down some books to read and reflected on why I use you as a life coach. When people ask me what I get from seeing you as my life coach, my response is that it’s equally the knowledge I draw on in between our sessions. I can’t tell you the amount of times you come into my head as I muse over a challenge or new venture. ‘What would Cara say’, ‘What’s a good TED talk Cara mentioned to look at’ … Even though we don’t regularly chat, you’re always there in my thoughts, helping my get things right and improve on the not so good 😊.

The benefits of coaching are so much more than the time in the sessions. This is what a long term client (a small business owner) says about working with me.

I contacted Cara at a time of great change and uncertainty and greatly appreciated her empathetic, professional and personable coaching style. The process is subtle but challenging and helped to close the gap between where my life was and I wanted to be significantly. Over a few months I gained clarity and perspective and can happily say I am now where I want to be and have a good understanding of where I’m going.

I would thoroughly recommend coaching with Cara for anyone who needs clarity and direction in life.

Senior Leader moving from Military to Business Life
Thank you so much for everything – it’s been amazing.
You have been so easy to talk to and have provided me with the tools to live life to the full again, enabling me to grow and develop new interests and pleasures in life. I’m no longer ‘plodding’; I’m doing more of what I want to do, my way and on my terms! I shall certainly recommend you to friends.
Sarah, A&E consultant, wife, working mum and budding garden designer

At certain points in life the bucket fills and disorder sets in and the adage of “can’t see the wood for the trees” occurs – despite our experience or maturity. It’s at times like these some sound ‘tools’ and words of advice are required. This is exactly where Cara helps and assists. I found Cara to be profoundly sensitive, professional, personable and understanding to the various ‘challenge’s’ I was facing and helped me put order back into my life. These tools not only helped with my immediate goals and focus but also came to the fore when a life changing event occurred. Cara’s sessions are enlightening and her website, posts and newsletters provide continued confidence in netting the true values and direction for one’s self. Having totally reset my personal direction and focus, with the help of Cara’s advice I can step forward confidently and with complete clarity on where life will now take me. I can’t thank Cara enough for that guidance. we can’t all do it by ourselves all of the time and gentle ‘resets’ can clear ‘fog’ quite quickly. I’m so glad I made contact a few years ago…..

Neil, Customer Experience & Global Business Development Executive

I worked with Cara on one level to help me make a significant transition in my professional life, and we nailed that!

However, on another level, she also helped me understand “me”: who I am, what I value and how all that affects why I do the things I do, what I want and why I want it.
This was delicate stuff and Cara partnered with me to create the trust, space and accountability that gave me the powerful insights I needed. I have emerged a calmer and more present person, with an increased awareness of my goals and ways of working / living.

Cara was recommended to me by a friend and I absolutely will recommend her in turn to my friends!

James: father, husband, friend and sales leader.

I have had 2 different professional coaches before in my career, Cara is in another league all together. I enlisted Cara to support an important professional transition. I am a Board level executive. She helped me become aware of underlying assumptions for my beliefs, leaving me with a deeper level of mindfulness. I regained some control I felt was lost. I formed a more holistic view of my goals. I made a very difficult decision I had not anticipated to make. Results: I now have a great job that works on all aspects (spouse, kids, house, school etc.) To give you a feel, our exchanges were mostly Cara asking simple but essential questions and listening deeply. Less frequently and at well selected times, she provided a recommendation. It’s very refreshing to find a coach who actually teaches you how to fish, but has the courage to give her opinion at times. Her suggestions were always spot on, Cara gets how big corporations work. An unexpected benefit is that I learn a lot about how to be a good coach to others, by just watching her do her thing. I highly recommend Cara.

Board level executive at a major pharmaceutical company

I am very thankful for the time and attention Cara provided in helping me become a more assertive and confident leader. Not only do I see a change in my leadership, but I feel stronger in my growth mindset and in prioritizing areas in my leadership which matter the most to me. Professional coaching has made a significant impact on my own leadership efficacy and on helping me balance home, work, and wellness.

Anna, Vice Principal, Elementary School in Ontario

Dear Cara, Thank you. This has been a challenging time, and I appreciate your help and support so much. You helped me see the individual that I am and truly made me believe that’s it’s okay to be me! It’s been an honour to spend time with you and to receive your brilliant words of wisdom.

And her Mum said “she has loved working with you and has truly  blossomed. I knew when I looked at your website you would be the right fit for her. Thank you, you are a very special lady. Keep on Coaching!”

Maddie, 16 year old school girl who knows what she wants but lacks self-confidence

I first met Cara with a view that I longed to return to feeling “great again”, I had simply lost my mojo. The outcome from our first series of meetings has far surpassed expectations and I can honestly say that I am now rejuvenated for a better me. Cara’s embracing approach, apt methods and relevance to my persona ignited my self-awareness in so many enlightening ways, that I now enthuse about broadening new horizons. Cara has helped me discover an appreciation of my own values and strengths, energizing me with a vision that now looks calm, focused and met with confidence……. that I matter. Thank you Cara, the journey started is one that I look forward to continuing with you.

Matt, Sales Professional

Coaching with Cara was a great experience – a journey into myself, discovering how to be Agnieszka again.

It helped me realize that it is ok not to be perfect, that I am ok and I am not a problem. I learnt techniques how to “let go” of things I have no control over, to move on and be happy. Since I started working with Cara, my confidence has grown and my outlook on life has changed from “I can’t do it” to “Actually I can”. With techniques I learnt, I will continue working on my limitations, to minimize their effect on my decisions and life.

Agnieszka, supply chain, global beauty products