testimonials for life coach chichester and london

Testimonials for Cara Moore, Life and Executive Coach

My Testimonials show how my Life Coaching give my clients the tools to deal with anything life throws at them. Get in touch with me today and learn how I can help you to have a positive outlook on life.

Cara provided me with a lovely velvet space, her unconditional positive regard and attention was a delight. I looked forward to my time with Cara, and I will always cherish her genuine zeal for my success and her belief in me; which is a gift and has been hugely empowering.

Ayesha, Entrepreneur and Mother of 4

Meeting Cara my life coach has changed my life. I now have the tools to deal with anything life throws at me and I have a different outlook on life. My happiest now, is down to this special lady. Thank you.

Kirstie, Manager, Home Care Agency

I got so much out of my coaching with Cara. I always felt invigorated and reenergised after our sessions. If you think you need coaching or you’re considering it you should meet with Cara. I’ve finished her course feeling positive with a clear direction on whats next for me, which is exactly what I needed from our partnership.

Jessica, Strategic Planning Director

Cara was a tremendous help to me as I was considering making major changes in my career and wanted to ensure I did not make any knee jerk decisions. Her methodical, caring and supportive approach ensured each session moved me confidently forward in my decision making and I can quite honestly say that 6 months later I truly feel I am starting to live the life I had always hoped and dreamed of.

Melanie, Corporate Manager