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Testimonials for Cara Moore, Life and Executive Coach

My Testimonials show how my Life Coaching give my clients the tools to deal with anything life throws at them. Get in touch with me today and learn how I can help you to have a positive outlook on life.

I find it really hard to put into words the value that I have found in Cara’s sessions. Nothing dramatic happens, but somehow there is space and calm in my life where before there was none, and as a parent I am able to really think about what my children need from me. Making big decisions felt impossible before, but now I struggle to remember what the difficulty was. She was definitely the right person at the right time for me, Cara is brilliant at what she does and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to make improvements in their life.

Lizzie, Shiatsu Practitioner and super ‘single’ mum

It took me some time to become conscious of how life coaching was making a difference for me. I credit this to Cara’s gentle but very astute approach; to her ability to sensitively direct discussions so that one’s ideas and commitments begin to shift at an unconscious level, with very real consequences.

Angela, Head of Department, SOAS University of London

Thank you so much for your help in getting me ‘here’ – I no longer feel stuck, stressed or overwhelmed and I’m back to old myself again. I am now more aware of my strengths and feel more positive and enthusiastic about the future. I feel as though you held my hand through the process, challenged my assumptions, allowed me to explore new ways of looking at things and nudged me to grow/move forwards, which is exactly what I needed.

Virginia, GP Doctor

I wanted to let you know what a huge influence our sessions have had on events! I can’t thank you enough, they really helped me to see what was important to me, and helped me build up the courage to say what needed to be said – in both of the areas (work and relationship) that were stopping me from moving on. I feel optimistic, my confidence has improved, I’m even sleeping much better! I feel so much less anxious that I’m wasting time and I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks and months of rediscovering all the things I love doing. And not feeling guilty about it!

Lowri, Marketing Executive for sports clothing brand

After my first meeting with Cara we established that I felt trapped by my work, my life, the daily grind and I often asked myself “Is this it?” I knew I had been searching for something and was unable to feel entirely happy and content in my life. With the expert guidance of Cara it soon became clear that I was searching for ‘FREEDOM’. She helped me work through the issues I was experiencing at work, suggesting coping strategies that are transferable to all aspects of my life. I now realise I can take responsibility for my own happiness and I now feel FREE to be who I am!! My life has changed for the better and I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the pivotal role Cara has played in my journey! Thank you!

Jackie, Senior Nurse and Complimentary Therapist

Cara provided me with a lovely velvet space, her unconditional positive regard and attention was a delight. I looked forward to my time with Cara, and I will always cherish her genuine zeal for my success and her belief in me; which is a gift and has been hugely empowering.

Ayesha, Entrepreneur and Mother of 4

Meeting Cara my life coach has changed my life. I now have the tools to deal with anything life throws at me and I have a different outlook on life. My happiest now, is down to this special lady. Thank you.

Kirstie, Manager, Home Care Agency

I got so much out of my coaching with Cara. I always felt invigorated and reenergised after our sessions. If you think you need coaching or you’re considering it you should meet with Cara. I’ve finished her course feeling positive with a clear direction on whats next for me, which is exactly what I needed from our partnership.

Jessica, Strategic Planning Director

Cara was a tremendous help to me as I was considering making major changes in my career and wanted to ensure I did not make any knee jerk decisions. Her methodical, caring and supportive approach ensured each session moved me confidently forward in my decision making and I can quite honestly say that 6 months later I truly feel I am starting to live the life I had always hoped and dreamed of.

Melanie, Corporate Manager