Personal Executive Life Coaching Case Studies.

My Personal Executive Life Coaching Case Studies showcase how coaching is used effectively for companies and individuals with immediate, and lasting results.


Future positive – coaching through self-esteem issues

Meet Lesley, Complimentary Therapist

Lesley was at a crossroads in her life. Lacking direction and feeling anxious about her future, these were big issues she didn’t want to discuss with family or friends. When we met, Lesley admitted she was feeling very down and was lacking in self-esteem. Lesley felt no optimism for her future.

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Achieving the impossible – a work, family and me-time balance

Meet Ian, Partner Chartered Accountants

Ian was swamped by a full-on work and home life. As as partner in an accountancy practice and a father of three young children, the years since his twins were born were a total blur. Struggling to juggle work and family and achieve some sense of personal satisfaction, where was his work/life balance?

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Clear the mind for better business

Meet Louisa, CEO Digital Marketing and Design Agency

As a business owner, Louisa has often been pushed to the limits both emotionally and physically. Kept awake at night worrying how she could keep her business going, she knew that to succeed and achieve the best she had to build up her resilience and really feel at the top of her game.

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Reigniting passion and creativity at work

Meet Susie, Freelance Graphic Designer

Susie’s work used to be her passion. But now she was struggling to manage her time effectively, doing too many routine things that got in the way of having time to be creative. She felt overwhelmed. She felt that everything she did was a compromise and not good enough.

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